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it looks normal for me 

edit:when the video loaded i left 

cant scroll up and down properly on windows

me too

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Are you able to use the mouse wheel to scroll? Which browser are you using?

i wasnt using my mouse back then lol well now i have one


This is so cool


Played on android. Spooky little game, easy to play. I liked it :)

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spoiler alert below

they have our brains


tell them to inject knowledge into my brain

Pffft Good riddance, they can have it. Not like it did me any favors.









I haven't downloaded this game but this game seems aufull but no haters cause idk how the game really is #don'tjugeabookbyitscover



just visit this page on your ipad and download

the game is great!!!!!  bad

Ive played this game at least 15 times and i love it so much :

Buen juego, ojalá hagan más juegos de este tipo 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 10/10

Hey Varun, I need help. I have dowloaded the app, but my chromebook can't find anything that can open those AppImage things. Please fix this.


Feedvid is not another youtube.Its a horror game



can u help me get feedvid i dont know how to downlod it im on a chrome book plz help


A very unique experience. Well done, it was worth my time  :)

very good game, I made this gameplay in Spanish pls share

lmao the song at the end fit perfectly.Love itt!


(Your game begins at 24:00)

Well this is a clever setup! 
While I feel like the climax, interesting as it is visually, is a tiny bit anticlimactic, I really like the setup of navigating a video sharing website for puzzle solving. It's quite clever, and fairly intuitive (I am just embarassed at my inability to use the map properly, heh!)

But yeah, this is a real cool idea. SOmetimes, the simplest things are the most effective.

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A very nice game, would prefer a longer version, but as this is free no complaints (only took me 5 minutes, and while the challenge was fun it left me wanting more)

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This was super fun! Realistic youtube simulation, and the puzzles all had an underlying logic to them that made them flow together very well.

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This was such an awesome game! It took some real outside-the-box thinking to figure some of it out. Well done! I had a lot of fun playing and recording it! Of course, if you prefer, I won't upload it or i can edit out the solutions if it helps.

Thanks for playing - feel free to upload a video!

I can't get past 00003

I have literally typed 52 comments on video 00004. I think I know where the hint is from, but I have no idea how to input it. I've been reading the comments about it, but I still have no idea. I on the brink of crying- no, I'm kidding. It is frustarating. No spoilers are allowed here, so if someone wants to message me on Discord, y'know, for the answer. I appreciate it SO much. Respond if you have Discord and are willing to help T^T

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Sorry about that, I really should have added a hint system to the game. I've updated the description on this page with hints, so you can select hints based off of how many videos you currently have unlocked.

Oh my god, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.


This was an amazing game, please make more!!!!


A unique experience, love it a lot! 😊



how do you solve problem 0004

Deleted 2 years ago

You will want to look at the "I have 17 videos" hints (don't want to spoil it- the fun of this game is figuring it out :3)


i LOVED this game, please make it longer or make a new one it was good af

Would love to help with the Android app alignment for likes and dislikes alignment

i got stuck at video 05 because i couldn't find the arnie's nightmare finale video... please fix it

Have you liked the first Arnie's Nightmare video?


Gave it a go...


Short, though as soon as you get what the game wants you to do, it becomes easy. Got the QR Code as well, doesn't seem to lead anywhere important though?


I would describe this as a fine little scroll with some easy puzzles to complement it.

The second puzzle (00004) only works if you list it in one direction, not the other way. I'm trying to avoid spoilers there, but hopefully the dev will understand in the context of how the solution works. A more minor thing also for 00004 (which could be part of the puzzle) is that what you say has to be absolute rather than relative, in terms of the orientation. My first thought was to input it in the way someone would actually follow the instructions, rather than the sort of bird's eye view of it all, as it were. I hope that wasn't too vague or too spoilerific. For the puzzle after, (00005), it only registers you putting in the right command *after* you've done the action that allows you to find the code; on my second playthrough I already knew, and had to enter the same thing twice because I got ahead of myself.

The parsing is pretty lenient; as far as I can tell it just searches for case insensitive key words, which is sufficient.

It's a bit short. It might have been better having more time to set up the things the page says, but within the game itself. It might not need any more puzzles, just some more buildup. A video with comments referencing the way feedvid works, perhaps.


There's a hint about inputs for the fourth video in the other minecraftlike video's comment section


Love the concept! Good job!


I'm a fan!

It's possible to nearly softlock yourself on a video page if you keep writing comments but thankfully my mouse has a NAV-BACK button and the engine accepts it, so I was able to return. The whole idea and concept is great! The video renders are very cool! Rock on!


And the APK version is cool too!

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