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This is a crazy unique! Finally a refreshing Indie Horror game! Please see my playthrough


That's actually brilliant.


when u type in the right code at the end youll see the real game with the real crimes... I guess the founder is glad cause nobody saw it expect me .... 




the game is very awesome 

اللعبه جامده جدا

hope this one has racoons in it, will update if it does

i think not :(

Very good game!

It's such a creative idea! I just wish it could be longer :(

This game was fun! Very unique. :)


Super creative game and amazing

execution! great work

Can't believe I forgot to rate this epic game


Great concept. Keep it up!

(1 edit)

Really fun game, but unfortunately really short. Also, are you supposed to use the brickblock code somewhere? I finished the game without guessing and without the brickblock video, but it's the only personalized video that isn't a part of a puzzle.

Edit: I just realized that the first video is personalized too, but it appears before any "strange" videos, so nobody would be thinking about them as a part of a puzzle, and I was thinking about the brickblock video as a puzzle for a while.

Awesome game. Loved it.

Not a bad little game!


youbtube copy more like yourmombalsblewuptube

This game is absolutely amazing. It is better than all the other ones I have played.

loved this game bro

What's the difference between playing with Puzzle Mode on..???? :3

This was really interesting.

juego muy bueno con temática diferente que me parece muy buena temática, me gusto mucho la idea de interactuar con una interface de videos para seguir adelante, aunque los puzles son poco intuitivos y algo difíciles de entender sin las pistas, pero de ahí en mas todo muy bien. 100% recomendado.

Algunos juegos de rompecabezas son así. Tienes que buscar pistas. Pero si. Estoy de acuerdo con usted.

the kitten video was really cute 

Very good game i love it

i love this.

Just wished there was more... 

I like how during the 2 hours of a black screen there's a noise that plays when the qr code pops up so you don't actually have to watch the entire video carefully


are this game is suitable under 8 years old? <8 years old?


No, this game isn't suitable for players under the age of 13.


hmmmm...i'm 13. wait? is that? safe?


its safe but if your less than 13 you can't play


unless you lie 💅




man shut yo stupid slow ahh mouth 

super fun! 💖💖

Hope you keep making horror games, this was very well made and original :) all the best to you!

this was good!

Nice :D

this game is fun, i hope to see a third feedvid game

Very fun and creepy!

you should go to and make a speedrun for this


poor site admins can finaly rest 

Creepy game, enjoyed it!


My honest reaction:

that ending really got me

really cool and unique and an interesting idea simple short but fun

Love it!!

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