FeedVid is a short puzzle game taking place in a haunted video-sharing app.


Introducing FeedVid, a revolutionary new video-sharing website and social network. Our platform integrates an advanced neural-network based algorithm that automatically determines your viewing preferences. We serve you the content that you want to watch!

Update from FeedVid Inc. CEO August Williams

We are aware of an issue affecting a small number of users in which our algorithm will recommend disturbing or highly unusual videos. We appreciate the support from the community and ask that you flag any such videos that you find in your feed.


feedvid-win.zip 123 MB
Version 1.3.10 Apr 10, 2021
feedvid-android.apk 37 MB
Version 1.3.10 Apr 10, 2021
feedvid-mac.dmg 117 MB
Version 1.3.10 Apr 10, 2021
feedvid-linux.AppImage 119 MB
Version 1.3.10 Apr 10, 2021

Development log


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I would like to offer a suggestion to consider a longer take on the same premise in the future. That, or just as long but with branching possibilities; for example, different possible things to post on the same video leading to different new videos being revealed.

Or perhaps another linear game, just as short, but with randomized challenges from a pool so that there's more replay value.



I question though: With the ending being what it is I have to ask what the monster is, or was for as seen in VID 2. That one cameo seems all that it is.


Addendum: I just reached the end, or so I think I have. This impresses me. The use of the ever-familiar YouTube (or other video-website) experience and making a game out of it, the interactivity itself, the progression, the visuals, even capturing the atmosphere and the characterization of the website itself. All this in itself makes for an interesting experience.

Then there is the ending video. I like the sci-fi premise. I also like that this ending cements what seemed to have been hinted at throughout most of the game: That this is a commentary on the addictiveness of singular websites, video-based in particular, and how it can affect our judgement. This angle deserves respect.

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Thanks for playing - it's fun to hear people's interpretations! A couple people have figured out everything... 😉

I could use a hint. I've made it to the third untitled video- the one with the keypad. I've flagged and commented on all of them. Nothing is happening.

Could anyone give me a hint what I have to do now?

There's an in-game hint system that you can access by clicking the arrow next to your in-game username.

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cool :)


im so cunfused th


awesome game, sadly its short


i really enjoy these kinds of games!


this is such a clever game! I wish there were more that followed this subtle puzzle format!

that was amazing.

love the interaction.

i don't get the 00005 hint

such an amazing game i like the puzzles!


help Im stuck on the up, right, down part


above the video 4 theres a type of map, just follow it!

do you see the second cyber warriors vid? if you look at the patterns of the lines its a maze to get to the other side the code is: up right down right right up up left up up






it looks normal for me 

edit:when the video loaded i left 

cant scroll up and down properly on windows

me too

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Are you able to use the mouse wheel to scroll? Which browser are you using?

i wasnt using my mouse back then lol well now i have one


This is so cool


Played on android. Spooky little game, easy to play. I liked it :)

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spoiler alert below

they have our brains


tell them to inject knowledge into my brain









I haven't downloaded this game but this game seems aufull but no haters cause idk how the game really is #don'tjugeabookbyitscover



just visit this page on your ipad and download

the game is great!!!!!  bad

Ive played this game at least 15 times and i love it so much :

Buen juego, ojalá hagan más juegos de este tipo 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 10/10

Hey Varun, I need help. I have dowloaded the app, but my chromebook can't find anything that can open those AppImage things. Please fix this.


Feedvid is not another youtube.Its a horror game



can u help me get feedvid i dont know how to downlod it im on a chrome book plz help


A very unique experience. Well done, it was worth my time  :)

very good game, I made this gameplay in Spanish pls share

lmao the song at the end fit perfectly.Love itt!


(Your game begins at 24:00)

Well this is a clever setup! 
While I feel like the climax, interesting as it is visually, is a tiny bit anticlimactic, I really like the setup of navigating a video sharing website for puzzle solving. It's quite clever, and fairly intuitive (I am just embarassed at my inability to use the map properly, heh!)

But yeah, this is a real cool idea. SOmetimes, the simplest things are the most effective.

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A very nice game, would prefer a longer version, but as this is free no complaints (only took me 5 minutes, and while the challenge was fun it left me wanting more)

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This was super fun! Realistic youtube simulation, and the puzzles all had an underlying logic to them that made them flow together very well.

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This was such an awesome game! It took some real outside-the-box thinking to figure some of it out. Well done! I had a lot of fun playing and recording it! Of course, if you prefer, I won't upload it or i can edit out the solutions if it helps.

Thanks for playing - feel free to upload a video!

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