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What a wonderful kind of day,

If we could learn to work and play

And get along with each other


I managed to do all 4 nights! Fun game. 



Hey dudes! I just decoded the code on the TV. Check it out! (This is legit the page! XD)

try translating it to binary with hyde=0 and Jekyll=1

Holy hell!

I couldn't beat it but I had fun being spooked.

Someone call PBG

What is Title?


tOo MucH ArTHuR

i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee    kindlykeyin

Kindly keyin's is not here why

I honestly think the final night is impossible, but it was still a very fun game to play! Also finally figured out what Arthur has been up to lately lol.

I played it again with my wife!  We had a lot of fun :) 

A perfect way to respond to the hate comments is by haunting them in their nightmares XD

Deleted post

I see you deleted the post I commented on. It's not gonna hide the fact away from me.

Kardeşim bak neyi görmek istiyorsan onu gör.

Boş beleş bir insansın ,bir tek ben değil diğer kullanıcılarda aynı şekilde spam yapıyor.

Rica ediyorum burnunu benim işime sokma !!!

Are you saying that I'm gay or something?

This was a super scary and difficult game! Well done! I've never been more terrified of a cartoon in my life!

can you make a 32 bit version?

This was terrifying yet satisfying. & yes my childhood has also been tampered with playing Arthurs Nightmare. lol 2 thumbs up. I made it to Night 4. Hoping to get atleast 30 likes to complete. Check out my video & let me know what you think.Arthur's Nightmare Gameplay Night 4

Wayyy to ruin my childhood guys... Now I gotta Fight Arthur. Also figured out what animal Arthur is XD

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What do any of these things in your comment have anything to do with a horror game based off of Arthur?

ummmm y ddlc

We kinda left you Hanging this morning


 Couldn't beat it tho. 

Here's my gameplay... ENJOY!

The file finished downloading but says failed when I try to open

Are you on Windows, macOS, or Linux? Also, it would help to know if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit.

cant download get error message

I got that a while ago as well all I did was cleared some of my data which to do that you need to delete pictures or files that are not needed. Hopefully that helps you. 

im terrified about playing this game and interested in playing new games.

An interesting and terrifying game! I couldn't complete it, but I still enjoyed :)

you tried ur best way later


Listen to your heart, listen to the beat, listen to the rhythm of the street. What's that? My heart stopped beating. Thanks for that.  

This game has ruined my childhood. But that's a good thing! It's a great, short and scary horror game. And also funny! 

If you want to see gameplay footage before you download the game,  you can here: 

Pretty good. It made me jump a few times. 

for some reason its not working for me i download it and open but it dosnt want to work any ideas?

What operating system are you on?


honestly one of the scariest game!!


Thx Varun, you made me drop my! But in all seriousness great game man! Super Spoopy!


Very Hard Game, But Worth It To Play It! Love It! :D


Hello, this game looks really fun! Can I play this game, edit it and upload it to my YouTube site?


need to skip cutsecne

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I don`t think you have yet grasped the magnitude of the situation i`m in.

I spend over 3 fucking hours playing what i thought would be a 15 minute shipost game.

I do not tire,I do not break.

*I am the king of this game!*


Thanks for playing! Maybe I should add a hard mode?

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