A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

And I say hey!

What a wonderful kind of day,

If we could learn to work and play

And get along with each other

Content Warning: This game contains jump scares and cartoon violence.

Note for YouTubers


arthurs-nightmare-win.zip 33 MB
Version 1.0.6 Jun 21, 2018
arthurs-nightmare-osx.zip 35 MB
Version 1.0.6 Jun 21, 2018
arthurs-nightmare-linux.zip 37 MB
Version 1.0.6 Jun 21, 2018

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anyone who plays that game in 2020?

mrs.read : ARTHUR!

Great game! the graphes are smooth its pretty hard love  it


this was creepy...


best game

The menu theme is Crazy Bus slowed down and reversed!

My kids and I gave this a shot. Made it to night 3 and died quite a few times so I'll have to go back at it. But really solidly made and fun to play!

hey you whatsaap

Haha, nice! Good job on this game, dude. I will say, the fact that there's only one way between the floors means it's pretty easy for Arthur to trap you downstairs, but still you did a good job. Love the opening cutscene, too.

Hi this is a good game, look my gameplay in Spanish pls and share if you like




holy jesus that jumpscare almost killed me

great game!

For me it's a classic! Well made, funny, and keeps the tension. Even though i have never watched Arthur. Surprisingly made by the same person who made Proctor, proctor is a lot better.

pretty good game.


may i ask a question why is baldi in the game??


Why not

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Probably because the Developer likes Baldi's Basics. And he/she decided to implement Baldi into the game!

i have no idea (im a kid on my dads acunt)



I'm not getting any sound when I play, I deleted files and redownloaded to no avail. 

When you download the game is apears in downloads the game . you need to drag to desktop and make a new folder on desktop . Then you need to drag all the files game to the new folder . then enter in the new foldern and you see the game with arthurs-nightmare .exe !

I love this game?!?!/!\

I saw people playing this and I decided to play it to

Can You Do A 32 Bits Version??? My PC It's Of 32 Bits

Replace the "Mono", "UnityPlayer.dll" and the game's executable with the ones from Baldi V1.2.2 or any game which has the same version of Unity as it, but has 32-bit compatibility.

ur pc is of garbage




what computer are you running on


how to downoad this game in windows ??? somebody help me!!!

Alexa, put 2 eyeballs on my shopping list. This guy's blind.


arthurs-nightmare-win.zip 33 MB
Version 1.0.6 Jun 21, 2018



Played your game in my 3 Random horror games video today and well, i'll admit if anything I was more frustrated then anything else. It did scare me somewhat so good job on that, it's very hard to scare me and I did have fun with the game even though once I got to Night 3 it was getting pretty difficult. 


Hi there. This is actually a really good game. Everyone mod this game like crazy though.


Also can you tell me how to change the help text? I mean the text that shows up every night to tell the player how to play. Yeah I want to change it for my mod with DnSpy but I don't know how. If you tell me how I will be very happy but if you can't that's fine.


lol used to watch Arthur growing up and this was an awesome little game, though i was terrible at it :D


Hey whenever I try do download it on Windows 7 or 10 it always says forbidden

Someone help me.


terrifying D:

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for the love of god this was scary!! I mean great job for it but...was David Baldi!? also the most scariest (I think) are Arthur and his mother anyways here's my part 1



cause first time it didn't work


I only got to level 3...this is scary as f___ good job...and to be honest I never really liked Arhtur but this is Nightmare so good job bro...I'ma go cry now (but for real make it a bit easier if you can please and thanks)




Gotta Play

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this game is truly an epic game, every epic gamer should play this, such goodness 100%

iwant to play

i love it

this is cool game with good graphics


Well that is my childhood ruined now. Thanks for that but honestly it was an amazing game. I only survived 2 nights but it made for some awesome content. Keep up the good work. 





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