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is very scary

A fun horror game based on the cartoon Arthur where you need to use strategy to gather 10 Woogle collectibles through 4 nights while avoiding Arthur and his family recommend playing for sure 5 out of 5

i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's

Currently trying to beat night four. Crap, it's hard!

thats cool

add  more update's please!


Please add more updates!


Who downvoted me?!

i found freddy


WHAT. how??-

i it was weird i saw him two times from fnaf 


This game was hell, I have no idea how I managed to complete the last day, it seemed to get progressively worse each time I played. I won by pure luck.

Still the game was great, and I like the variation in movements you gave to the family. Seeing the Mother descend through the ceiling onto me really made me think. It was also really effective at managing the battery; it really gave the game a good challenge.

I saw a few of the Easter Eggs, Bendi and Freddy, they seemed to come out of nowhere. Loved the game and can't wait to play others you have made.

I'm on night four now. It is very hard. Glad he didn't add Kate or Pal in the final night. Would prefer them in a bonus night. Night four is hard enough.

Fuck u Arthur 

fun game 

i found baldi in like in a min lol

I was honestly too scared to even get past night 2! 😭 Great game! Now that the show is over, I'll be replaying this often.

Is this game available on Steam?

I don't think so.


Show post...

totally normal kids game

my ass got hit  by the game 



a Kevin hart attack

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Click to see an absolute abomination of a playthrough. :)

Hola probe el juego y si es complicado y da buenos sustos aqui dejo el link de mi video probandolo

Fun game, disappointed in myself for jumping so hard at each scare. Brought back memories from this long-forgotten show.

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Nah bruh. Come on. Night 4 is unfair. Whenever I'm in the process of moving into another room, they just appear in there. It's not fair. Make it fair man. It just gets annoying after getting killed over and over. ITS NOT FAIR AT ALL BRUH *EDIT* I WON BITCH. I MOTHERFUCKING WON

Arthur Was moving mad sus at some times. 

I loved walking around in this house. The feeling was very mysterious. I will continue to play this probably I think 


how do I get Arthur nightmare on  phone

It's for PC, Mac, and Linux only as far as I know.

i beat to this and didnt regret

Good game !
Good Game !

I couldn't handle this game the jump scares got me every single time and it was sooooo scary, here is my video of it, I hope you guys enjoy
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here is my 

first  my  video


how ı play ? this game 

defo scared me a couple of times hahaha need to keep trying as cant get past part 3 haha 

i had fun it scared me

i got jumpscared by baldi in night 1. Explain?

it actually got me lol

Finally beat the game!! Some tips for people who wants to beat it: Arthur and the dad (David) can only get you when you're coming in or out of a room, meaning they cant kill you while you're in a room like the mom and DW. Make sure to always pay attention to the mother's location and try to give her the slip (trick her), to stall time.. Also, watch out for DW,  the max I believe you can search is 3 (I suggest 2) before she fully rises, she also rises faster after you collect 6 wooglies (I think it's called). After you collect 6, I suggest searching 1-2 times if the mother is not nearby. If she is, search 1 because I believe she also moves faster. The best times to search is when both David and Arthur is upstairs (if you're downstairs), or when both David and Arthur is downstairs (if you're upstairs), that is rare though so don't depend on it. Also, I suggest checking the sensor thingy ONLY when you're about to go out of a door because  one: battery obviously, two: they move pretty fast so if you check before, (like while your searching or something), they might switch to the door you're about to go through. I also love the Plot twist at the end! :).. Goog Luck >:) !!

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Made A Gameplay on This hope u like it. 

 I played two games its the second part of the vid
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here my i was scared

Quite scary! Haha

Here is my video of it. :)

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