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i beat to this and didnt regret

Good game !
Good Game !

I couldn't handle this game the jump scares got me every single time and it was sooooo scary, here is my video of it, I hope you guys enjoy
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here is my 

first  my  video


how ı play ? this game 

defo scared me a couple of times hahaha need to keep trying as cant get past part 3 haha 

i had fun it scared me

i got jumpscared by baldi in night 1. Explain?

it actually got me lol

Finally beat the game!! Some tips for people who wants to beat it: Arthur and the dad (David) can only get you when you're coming in or out of a room, meaning they cant kill you while you're in a room like the mom and DW. Make sure to always pay attention to the mother's location and try to give her the slip (trick her), to stall time.. Also, watch out for DW,  the max I believe you can search is 3 (I suggest 2) before she fully rises, she also rises faster after you collect 6 wooglies (I think it's called). After you collect 6, I suggest searching 1-2 times if the mother is not nearby. If she is, search 1 because I believe she also moves faster. The best times to search is when both David and Arthur is upstairs (if you're downstairs), or when both David and Arthur is downstairs (if you're upstairs), that is rare though so don't depend on it. Also, I suggest checking the sensor thingy ONLY when you're about to go out of a door because  one: battery obviously, two: they move pretty fast so if you check before, (like while your searching or something), they might switch to the door you're about to go through. I also love the Plot twist at the end! :).. Goog Luck >:) !!

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Made A Gameplay on This hope u like it. 

 I played two games its the second part of the vid
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here my i was scared

Quite scary! Haha

Here is my video of it. :)


This is actually one of the best cartoon horror games I’ve seen/played. I know in the video I said that I hate this game but I didn’t mean it like that, I meant that it was really scary and it really scared me. You should make a sequel

How do you get Arthurs nightmare on Mac?

how do you get it?

you need a gaming pc or a built in pc then download the windows file

go to the game and it should say extract. click extract then wait for it to upload to 100% then click on the game again and you will be in. yw

so theres 3 files to download and Click on the one that says osx.


I don’t know how to play it

this is a good game to play on october scary

This game scared the crap out of me. Job well done developer. I did not have one time where the jumpscare did not make me wanna lose my marbles, even though I knew what to expect. Thanks for the spoopy experience, I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.


he follows ur footsteps

Lol, it was super unnerving. 


anyone who plays that game in 2020? : ARTHUR!

Great game! the graphes are smooth its pretty hard love  it


this was creepy...


best game

The menu theme is Crazy Bus slowed down and reversed!

My kids and I gave this a shot. Made it to night 3 and died quite a few times so I'll have to go back at it. But really solidly made and fun to play!

hey you whatsaap

Haha, nice! Good job on this game, dude. I will say, the fact that there's only one way between the floors means it's pretty easy for Arthur to trap you downstairs, but still you did a good job. Love the opening cutscene, too.

Hi this is a good game, look my gameplay in Spanish pls and share if you like




holy jesus that jumpscare almost killed me


great game!

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