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Very cool! Please check out FIRST ITALIAN GAMEPLAY on YouTube





I will download this but it is a little bit scary for me

this is awesome well done really scary good jump scares super fun here is my playthrough  

i may have to try and finally beat this game... hmm 

i here because of jacksepticeye but i think this game looks very spoopy as intended

Arthur is WILD!!!

omg Arthur what happened.. don’t make me fight you XD

CHALLENGE YANG TIDAK BERFAEDAH | Arthur's Nightmare by Varun Ramesh

Oke kali ini gua dan candra ngadain challenge dimana, lu main gua denger,atau sebaliknya. langsung aja.

what a scary game it let me scream

Ah...Well. Let's see! I screamed like a little baby, check. I commented about the loud "intense" music, check...Oh! And I also got jumpscared like 10 times in this video, Check! It was a great one. 

verry spooky

spoopy XD

is so creepy :( 

I too did the arthurs nightmare!



its lazy and it ruins the show

THATS JUMPSACRED ME?! oh lts like five nights at freddy's


made a video for this! really really enjoyed the game 

please make a sequel to this game...I just beat night 4 and I would really love to play another one.

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What do david and jane do?

David works just like Arthur, going into rooms that if  you go into. You will get jumpscared. Jane constantly follows you around the house, and if you bump into her, you will get jumpscared.

i have no idea

I beat night 3 but I can't beat night 4.

my friends and I played this game, and we honestly loved it.

it sucks you cant play 

xD i found an easter egg with baldi's jumpscare

wdym, what is it?

its in the real game

Somehow I managed to find Baldi from Baldi's basics in Arthur's nightmare.  I think it's a glitch. 

no its achully in the game (kid on dads acunt)


this is a really scary game

It builds up tension even on the first night! I'm not sure what a woogle is you probably have to be a fan of the show to get that part.

This was insane! I hope you check out my gameplay :)

PBS on Crack!

i will make a vid of xcup playing this game owo


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