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I beat night 3 but I can't beat night 4.

my friends and I played this game, and we honestly loved it.

it sucks you cant play 

xD i found an easter egg with baldi's jumpscare

wdym, what is it?

Somehow I managed to find Baldi from Baldi's basics in Arthur's nightmare.  I think it's a glitch. 


this is a really scary game

It builds up tension even on the first night! I'm not sure what a woogle is you probably have to be a fan of the show to get that part.

This was insane! I hope you check out my gameplay :)

PBS on Crack!

i will make a vid of xcup playing this game owo


This game looks scary...'s another game that will haunt my childhood again lol 

Ey, I played your game for my latest Horror Games video. I don't really know why, but I love this goddamn game, haha. Looking forward to your next game! Cheers!


Arthur was my childhood friend..

Oh boi Oh boi this is very noice  

I love how tense this game can be! Scared the crap out of me several times!

I loved this game! Totally worth checking out!


Finally beat this! So much rage but such an awesome game lol. Great work!


What a wonderful kind of day,

If we could learn to work and play

And get along with each other


I managed to do all 4 nights! Fun game. 



Hey dudes! I just decoded the code on the TV. Check it out! (This is legit the page! XD)

try translating it to binary with hyde=0 and Jekyll=1

Holy hell!

I couldn't beat it but I had fun being spooked.

Someone call PBG

What is Title?


tOo MucH ArTHuR

i lovvvvvvvvvveeeeee    kindlykeyin

Kindly keyin's is not here why

I honestly think the final night is impossible, but it was still a very fun game to play! Also finally figured out what Arthur has been up to lately lol.

I played it again with my wife!  We had a lot of fun :) 

A perfect way to respond to the hate comments is by haunting them in their nightmares XD

Deleted post

I see you deleted the post I commented on. It's not gonna hide the fact away from me.

Kardeşim bak neyi görmek istiyorsan onu gör.

Boş beleş bir insansın ,bir tek ben değil diğer kullanıcılarda aynı şekilde spam yapıyor.

Rica ediyorum burnunu benim işime sokma !!!

Are you saying that I'm gay or something?

This was a super scary and difficult game! Well done! I've never been more terrified of a cartoon in my life!

can you make a 32 bit version?

This was terrifying yet satisfying. & yes my childhood has also been tampered with playing Arthurs Nightmare. lol 2 thumbs up. I made it to Night 4. Hoping to get atleast 30 likes to complete. Check out my video & let me know what you think.Arthur's Nightmare Gameplay Night 4

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