Note For YouTubers: Content ID False Positive

Some people are having problems where YouTube's content ID system is claiming the following public domain (CC0) sound as being part of various techno songs - For now, I recommend you dispute the claim, providing a link to the public domain sound. Alternatively, you can also mute the game audio while the Shepard tone plays (though I feel that this detracts from the tension of the game experience).

In the meantime, I will attempt to find a suitable replacement sound that doesn't trigger content ID.

Edit: I found that all of my attempts to generate a Shepard tone were content ID'd by random techno songs, so this warning will have to stay.

Get Arthur's Nightmare


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i never watched arthur as a kid so this is as close as ill get to the show. 

Bad luck with the tone stuff. Youtube Content Claim is a bitch.

wow it's a fun game!

Thank you for this enraging amazing game! It may just be me, but I spent SIX HOURS at the game to finish it once, and I assume you can get a second star. Which means more time spent on the game. 

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Awesome game I really enjoyed it managed to get through the first 2 nights which I'm surprised by honestly. Sad to see I got  copyright I thought that issue was fixed or am I missing something. But yeah anyways good game and can't wait to see what you do next :)

sooo scary ( good game )


I've never played a game that gave me a good jump scare like that.  Nicely done.  I also didn't know that that was an actual song.

Thanks for the heads up.


THIS is great. i think i may upload a video of this


Automated content ID systems, when will people learn! I had a similar problem of someone trying to claim copyright over a composition by J.S.Bach, the cheek! Your sound led me on an interesting read about Shepard-Risset, which I had heard several times but didn't know how it was made... :)


This is awesome of you! I know this was a pretty big issue on my end so it means a lot that you're reaching out about it.