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Wow, great game! Was able to get to the end!


this is a really cool concept and i wish it was expanded upon more. something that i think could be a bit better is when the thing is in the vents near you, because there arent any sound cues telling whether or not the thing is by you or is just passing by which makes the ammo very apparent trying to spam the monster away even though it might be miles away



it also STRESSES the hell out of me i see him coming and i lose it lol

the atmoshphere is scary first fnaf spinoff to scare me in a while

feed vid/feed vid live's game stream

Pretty good and enjoyable, I wish I knew what those morse code calls mean though..


I really like the style and design of this game. The motion sensor's sound design and feel is really cool too, and I enjoyed playing this game. Gave me a few jumps! I really like the style of radars/motion sensing games, as seen in my most recent game.

The creature became invisible

Never thought I'd say this, but apparently well-designed and entertaining jumpscares exist.

c o n f u s e d

ngl its not scary

I died IRL after playing this......

then how u write this?

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are you g-g-g-g-g--g-god


do you even know what a joke means?


yeah you are definitely not english

this thread is hurting my head because you're both going back to it day after day

Lmao you too

You stop being confuseing

am i confused

this scared me so much and caused my right leg weaken.


How do you do the heating system in mobile

Its game so good👍👍👍


I have no problem with this game, except that there are no sound ques in the vents

Huh I like it.  I wish there were more levels and maybe that the monsters did different things, but good game.  And I know its hard to make games this good.

Why does he screams when I catch him with the flame thrower it scares me.

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is the constant beeping in the background sometimes morse code?

It must be, I don't know what it says though, I never knew morse code...

i can't launch thermomorph on mac. it launches and instantly shutdowns

can somebody help me?

Should be working now on macOS.

you need to make it where we know if the alien is in the vent next to us it would help a lot.

Loved it, got me a few times. Wish there were more enemy designs (unless there are I didn't get past 3AM) 


You need to improve your code to prevent the possibility of simultaneous attack from opposite sides. However you envision the creatures behaving, this is a game, so the point is it must always be at least possible to win.

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I've updated with v1.1.0 which should prevent the monsters from attacking on opposite sides at the same time.


Really fun and intense game!!!!

Thanks for playing! Congrats on getting to the ending!


There you have it my friend!  Had a lot of fun and managed to beat it! 


Thanks for playing! You made a lot of good points, and I'll take them into account for my next game. I'm currently working on extending the detector game-play to a free-roam environment.

that's very exciting!  Let me know when you finish it! 


Nice game. Died at like 2:58 or 2:59 AM and am too upset to continue.


Very interesting. Nice game play and decently spoopy. GG

Hi. Are you meant to be able to move?

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