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this is such a great game 

In trying to finish a few games on the channel, I definitely wanted to come back to this. It's a unique take on the FNAF formula, but without animatronics (which is nice to see, because they don't all have to be about animatronics/mascots that got haunted). I definitely like the addition of being able to feel like you're defending yourself with more than doors and lights, but I do wish you could hear the creatures approaching (I had a different headset this time and still couldn't hear them). Regardless, definitely loved how this game played, if there are secrets, I just wish I could've found them in my second attempt.

really good game the screams were hilarious

best game

One of the best and most entertaining yet stressful games I've ever played. Honestly Varun, your games are just awesome and keep me on edge!

excelent game i found only one bug: i look to right/left and press F to flamethrower and the flamethrower not function this happens sometimes and suddenly the alien attacks me when the flamethrower doesn't work besides that, this is a excelent game i love this game. congratulations


I would clap that thermussy.🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

zwag what

I enjoyed this on my 3 Android indies video, so I decided to dedicate more time to it. It is different on PC for me as it uses arrow keys instead of mouse controls, but I did get the hang of it eventually. To be fair, it uses touch on Android and I was using mouse and keyboard last time, wasn't sure when I hopped into it on PC. The surprise at 3AM definitely made the game more interesting! I'll be back to finish the game out!


am i supposed to know that is beside me when the scanner detected it earlier somewhere else

I love that this took the FNAF mechanics into its own game, something besides animatronics and doors. Definitely enjoyed a fan game that broke the typical mould in that sense. It may be my lack of attention, but I didn't hear any steps/ambience when the alien approached, so relying on the monitor is an interesting touch, made me wonder "do I blast it or is it even there?...", especially with limited fuel in the flamethrower. Definitely playing more in my free time! (Third game in video)

W game

This game was really fun! Why was 2am the hardest for me ;-;

Love it, so good for my first horror game I’ve played on!

try this dudes other games

I love this game I am a youtuber who loves horror games but I've never recorded one, your game might be the lucky one that gets picked for it. And I will never forget the horrible time when I forgot to use the flamethrower on the alien. So good game overall. P.S my youtube channel is Jordstuff bye now. My youtube channel. for if you don't wanna type it.



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Thanks to this game. I’m married! Sure… my wife looks like a ghost that smelled her very first dirty diaper. But I love her, and I love this game. I love this game more than her… (Don’t tell her I said that…) GOOD GAME! (Ps - My wife is the thermomorph.)


interesting that you say this..


Why would you say that about her?


she deserves better


fr lol :b


But hear me out...


Im really impressed on this game. This game was really fun to play alone, and gave me a good fright. The lastlevel was really difficult, but it was fun and i beat the game. please make one until like 4 or five, and maybe you can add 3 as like a hardcore mode.


I really liked it, the only complaint is that on mobile devices, before the jump scare you suffer a jerk and the scare is no longer so unexpected.


brooo i was  texting and then HEEEHEEEE


Let play the game


The monster design is creepy af. Jumpscares made my skin crawl every single time, and my palms were sweating throughout the whole walkthrough. Great job!

one of the best fnaf


great game, but there should be an indicator to let you know if the creature is right on your side. you end up using a lot of fuel for not knowing if the creature is in range or not


The game is fun 1-2 A.M. is easy but 3 A.M. was hard. It took me close to 10 tries but it was fun and stressful. I would play again.

Thiz game iz to hard for me and I play fnaf a lot 

I love this 


id love to know the controls plz help i can't find e


can anyone decipher the (im assuming) morse code that happens during the hours? great game btw! actually im just binge playing all the games by Varun R. and they're quite good!

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morse code translations below (not 100% certain on accuracy)


.- .-.. ...- . .. -. ... .-. ...- .-. .-. --



alive in server room


-.. -. - - .-. ... - ... -.-- ... - -- .-. . .--. .-. --. .-. -- -.. - --- .-. .-.. ... . ...- .. .-. ..- ...



don't trust system reprogrammed to release virus


..- .-. .. -- -- ..- -. . - .... . -.-- .-- .. .-.. .-.. ... - -.. -.-- .-



you're immune they will study a ? (confused on this last one)


Absolutely love the designs in this game. Someone might have to turn this into a short film or something

love the hacking stuff dude

cool game and name dude.  me non binary


can you make a sign of the monster cause I always die everytime the system crash and I don't know where the monster is

how many endings?

There's only one ending.

oh ok:(


Really great game! Varun R. has done a wonderful job making this game! You wouldn't see it in my video but I jumped a little every time the creature got me. Hope you guys like my video on this amazing game and I hope to get more out soon! I would appreciate it if anyone who was interested in my channel to please check out some of my other videos and please make sure to leave a like and comment! 

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Pretty good game, got jumpscared several times but managed to finish the game👍. I thought it I had to survive to 6am and if it I was expecting more creatures and maybe more things to watch over 

i keep diing at 10 to 4

how start


If you can see the main menu, just press enter/return to start the game. If you can't see the menu the game might be broken (Right now it's known to have problems running in incognito mode as well as old iPads).


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what is the key to start edit: i used every single button on my keyboard

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click the game first then press the return key or enter even when full screen when you click your cursor should disappear

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