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Loved it, got me a few times. Wish there were more enemy designs (unless there are I didn't get past 3AM) 

You need to improve your code to prevent the possibility of simultaneous attack from opposite sides. However you envision the creatures behaving, this is a game, so the point is it must always be at least possible to win.

You are right. It is still possible to flamethrower both sides if you are attacked simultaneously, but the buffer is too small so it's harder than I intended the final level being. I've updated with v1.1.0 which should prevent the monsters from attacking on opposite sides at the same time.


Really fun and intense game!!!!

Thanks for playing! Congrats on getting to the ending!


There you have it my friend!  Had a lot of fun and managed to beat it! 

Thanks for playing! You made a lot of good points, and I'll take them into account for my next game. I'm currently working on extending the detector game-play to a free-roam environment.

that's very exciting!  Let me know when you finish it! 


Nice game. Died at like 2:58 or 2:59 AM and am too upset to continue.


Very interesting. Nice game play and decently spoopy. GG

Hi. Are you meant to be able to move?

Just like in FNaF, you have to stay in one location. From a narrative perspective, the AI tells the player to stay near the heating system in the vents to hide from the heat-sensing creatures. From a technical perspective, the game uses pre-rendered videos and images!