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i defeated proctor after 1000 years thank u for this amzaing game :3

Played your game in one of my Indie Romps. Nice and simple. Loved the idea behind it and the jumpscares XD. I mentioned some additions in the video that I feel would have made the experience greater but still a good game!

Your game starts at 14:15

Bruh Why Did i Get A Loading 1/2

that was so scary

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Can you play it on apple? i have an IOS soo..


Unfortunately, I never added touchscreen controls to this game. It can probably still be played in an iPhone / iPad web browser using a Bluetooth keyboard (I agree it's not ideal).

You can check out some of my newer games like FeedVid, Marble Mouse, and Thermomorph - these should work reasonably well in the iPhone / iPad browser.


Perfect! i have a bluetooth keyboard!


why is no work :((( I cant start it


click enter


Game is fun, simple yet scared the shit out of me. I really liked how the only way you could prevent from getting killed was just fully depending on sound which just made it more terrifying

Just beat the game, cool idea.


you can also google the answers

Actually No, Ive searched these and most are either incorrect or just, never existed. Maybe theres an oddity but They are completly fake, trivia knowledge ain't gonna help you here

This is Great

when teachers catch you cheating they don't slaughter you and hide you in their basement :( no for real though i had fun with this game 10/10


it stops at preparing 1/2


you can turn the skeleton's pages


whats that?


if im not mistaking you can click on the pages maybe to turn the skeletons pages

I cannot launch the game

yes i too

this game is really really fun

at the end it said something about chemistry tho

will there be a second game? i hope so!

Very fun game and I really enjoyed the idea!

This came up on my three randomly selected horror games! Check out the video on YouTube!



I enjoyed this game so i had to make a video , it really got me at times lol 

Thanks for playing! You can flip the pages on your neighbor's tests to see more of their questions! Also, the blank page bug should be fixed in 0.3.0 if you want to give the game another go.

Thanks for replying so fast! and that makes so much more sense lol , and i'm definitely gonna give the game another go i can't leave without passing that test haha, and i hope you enjoyed the video! .. another thing i wanted to say , is that you should add more to the game, like levels you know? cool game


Really interesting game! Even got me on the scares! I even felt like I learned a lot about history! 

Thanks for playing! The video intro was hilarious!


Quite liked the game even tho i made barely any progress :) jumpscares were nice, didn't expect them. Does the teacher have a patern or is he walking completely randomised? Great game overall 


Thanks for playing! The proctor's movements are mostly randomized, though if you spend too much time cheating, he will be "alerted" and run towards you. Thus, you have to listen closely, which enhances the jumpscares!

so, uh... Does anyone have an answer key? Maybe I could look in the source code, but that's too complicated.

PS: I'm using LÖVE version

also, I say this because it's really hard to look at other people's test without getting caught. (And I do not like jumpscares.)

It's actually randomized - you have to cheat!


This was pretty good! I wouldn't quite consider it a FNAF fan-game, but I could definitely tell that it was inspired by it. Had a lot of similar sounds and mechanics, but with a very unique spin on things! I loved the whole cheating aspect and "Don't Get Caught~~" that really made me feel on edge the entire time. The opening audio was really witty and funny, yet unnerving and I loved it. I'm glad it was fully randomized, that made things WAY more interesting. I'm glad you used that 360 sound! Made the game WAY easier. I think I ran into a bug, though. The blank page thing? Nothing too big, but it definitely made it impossible to win. The game wasn't too difficult, but that leaves room to expand and make more 'levels' or 'exams' - maybe even a HARD MODE in the future? The jump scare was amazing and it really got me good. Didn't expect it to look so similar to the Terminator. Everything ran smooth, apart from all the static making the bitrate in my video go crazy! As you can definitely see. I wouldn't change a thing in this game aside from fixing the blank page bug and possibly expanding it. I can DEFINITELY see this one getting bigger if it were polished a bit. Thank so much for making this! :D

Thanks for playing! I'm definitely considering expanding the game with more elements!

Sweet! Thanks for listening!! :D


This game was awesome!!!

I wish i could have at least beat it once but i love the spin on animations outside of a pizzeria xD.


Enjoyed the video - thanks for playing!


Hello! I played your game and I had a really good time! I appreciate that you tried to do something new and different! I did a video of it if you want to hear what all I have to say about it :) Thank you so much for sharing your art!

To think I was afraid it would be too easy! The blank page bug is pretty bad - I haven't seen that in testing. I'll upload an updated version once I get to the bottom of that. Thanks for playing my game!