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Really original game. That's nice ! Need a new episode !

this game need a second on

it was somthing new, it was very creative. wow, good game

Super Creative, never played anything like this before!, really scary :) 

super creative! real nerve inducing and good for people who are easily uncomfortable bu great game




this was really good!! loved the concept and setting. short and fun :))

Yo chat, is this real

Absolutely loved it! Definitely recommend checking it out!

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i dont usually comment on here but this is a genius game concept, i also liked that the game was pretty short and the puzzles were pretty easy

will now be playing your other stuff


Loved this game. Was extremely interesting lol


the part where he cuts of his own arm was crazy

Pretty cool idea, though there was some jank with the part where you're stuck before the end. Sound would have REALLY elevated the experience a ton. Without it, there isn't any tension or much atmosphere at all. 

And more live chat with less on-the-nose hints would have been great; for almost the whole game I was typing out the commands before any of the other chats came in. Especially with 100K viewers, having zero messages was pretty bland.

i wish there was a turd in the toilet


I saw this in YouTube and I will try the game is more like YouTube live

it was really cool concept- but im confused- 


why were they saying WATCH HIM SUFFER and what was the white light thing?

he was probably dying and thats probably why everything went white. but idk

Wonderful, unique and great execution. What a great idea and gameplay, that was really fun.

Great 😳

Anyone else see the man in the stall?


I saw the demon at the door when you turn around in the stalls

thats what i meant. Lol. kinda scary tho

Oh ok


very cool way of playing!! type ur actions to progress the game basically

Muy buen juego la verdad, aqui dejo mi gameplay en español ;D 

this was fantastic! awesome job!!!


WOW that was great, gg


holy shit dude. this is so nice!
will w8 your another stuff!!!!!!!!


nice game

Streamed this today and honestly its pretty cool. Not every day i come across a cool and unique take on horror games.

feedvid live is awesome game pls make third chapter


That was disturbing, but loved the concept, and the game!


This gane is amazing cant wait for more

8th gameplay 1:56:44 I like the chat a different way to play a horror game impress so I will play more of the other games you guys have even the non horror ones. 


Wow! An incredible and interesting concept. I never expected the ending. I couldn't resist to made my own gameplay in spanish of this game

I finally finished this. It took some tries, but I finally finished it. It was pretty good


0/10 can't press hottub stream :'


I really enjoyed it. Great concept! Keep it up!


the dude pissed me off cause he didn't try to free his hand at all but I still loved the game

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You have to tell him to saw his hand off


Yo, that was intense, loved it. Reminds me of Simulacra, Welcome to the game and Sara Is Missing.

And the movie Cube.

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